Street in LoDo Denver Feb 19, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Move to Denver, CO

Denver is an expansive city that is home to people of various cultures, backgrounds, and occupations. We have compiled a list of reasons as to why Denver should be your top pick when it comes to choosing your forever home.

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1. A Booming Economy

Denver has no shortage of opportunities as it continues to expand its already established job market. The city is home to various integral industries such as healthcare, finance, aerospace, and hospitality. The diversity in job opportunities makes Denver an amazing city to start your career, plan your retirement or raise a family.

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2. 300 Days of Sunny Skies

When most people think of Colorado weather they often think of snow. But what not everyone knows is that despite their snowy winters the city experiences approximately 300 days of sun per year. Making it the ultimate spot for outdoor activities. For three quarters of the year, you will be able to go on hikes, run outside, frequent farmer’s markets all while enjoying the crisp cool air and the warm sun. 

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3. Nature is Integrated Everywhere

The city of Denver offers an amazing integration of nature and city life. Stunning mountain peaks can be viewed from all parts of the city. Denver is near various ski slopes such as Vail, Aspen, and Breckenridge. The city offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, white water rafting, and more. Making it the ultimate destination for adventurers of all ages.

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4. It’s a Super Safe City

When compared to other U.S. metro areas of the same size Denver hosts relatively low crime rates. The city was ranked by Real Estate US News as the #2 in Best Places to Live and #48 in Best Places to Retire. Downtown, LoDo and LoHi are frequented spots in the Denver metropolitan area that have been reported as safe during all times of the day.

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5. There’s No Shortage of Culture

Denver is home to a multitude of ethnicities and has cultivated a city with an immensely rich culture that satisfies a variety of interests. If you love the fine arts, then take a day and visit the Denver Art Museum, watch a show at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts or have your breath taken away at the Red Rocks Amphitheater while you watch the latest headliner play their music in the middle of a gorgeous red stone canyon. If you prefer the culinary arts, there’s plenty of food to go around. Denver is an up and coming spot for craft beer with a recent expansion of microbreweries across the city. As well as being home to an expanding food scene and hosts a range of cuisines such as Mexican and Vietnamese.

Move to Denver Already

Come join our diverse Denver family and immerse yourself in a city that we are proud to call home.