Fall wreath decor with pumpkins and leaves. Oct 15, 2019

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

Leaves are changing colors. The weather is getting cooler. Pumpkin spice everything is everywhere. Yes, autumn is finally here! To celebrate the new season and embrace the spirit of autumn, here are a few easy fall decorating ideas for your apartment.

Three small pumpkins on countertop.

Pumpkins Big & Small

Nothing says autumn is finally here quite like pumpkins. They’re the quintessential accent when decorating your apartment for fall. Grown in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, pumpkins add versatility and individuality to your décor. Not interested in using real pumpkins? Then you can find glass, plastic, and foam alternatives in home décor and craft stores.

Whether they’re 100% authentic or made to last for years, pumpkins look right at home on countertops, side tables, bookshelves, and so much more. Fill a wooden bowl on your kitchen table with small pumpkins as a centerpiece. Make a statement with monster-sized gourds framing your front door. Wherever you choose to place them, they’ll inspire the spirit of fall.

Fall, sunflower bouquet with pumpkin.

Classic Autumn Bouquet

Although the leaves outside your window are falling, flowers are still blooming. Bring life into your apartment with an autumn bouquet. Sunflowers, dahlias, and chrysanthemums are just a few of the classic fall flowers featuring vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues that will brighten up your apartment for the fall season.

Don’t have a green thumb? No problem! Create your own bouquet with a bundle of artificial flowers. Hand select the designs and autumnal colors you find most pleasing and arrange into a rustic vase or bottle. Top it off with a few accent branches, and you just made a bouquet that will last you for years to come.

Colorful Fall Wreath

From doors and windows to any empty wall space you may have, a fall wreath is a must-have classic that looks good hanging just about anywhere. Readily available for purchase at home décor stores and craft stores, it’s quick and easy to stop by and pick up the perfect wreath to add the perfect pop of color to your apartment.

Can’t find one you like? Get in touch with your creative side and make one! Craft pinecones, mini pumpkins, and berry garland are just a few of the items you can use to construct the fall wreath of your dreams (and all at a low cost, too, if you’re on a budget).

Stack of white, green, and grey fall blankets.

Fuzzy Blankets & Fluffy Pillows

Decorations are fun, but they’re even better when they’re functional, too. As the temperature continues to drop, fall is the season to start snuggling for warmth with a mug of hot chocolate between your hands. If you have any fuzzy blankets or fluffy pillows packed away, then now’s the time to unbox them.

For a true ode to autumn, select traditional prints like plaid or rich colors like cranberry red, mustard yellow, or olive green. For a modern twist, choose fun shapes and patterns like pumpkin-shaped pillows or leaf-patterned blankets. Let your love for fall shine!

Accent string lights.

Accent String Lights

Once you’ve got your mountain of fuzzy blankets and fluffy pillows to snuggle under on cold days, complete the atmosphere with accent string lights. Outline the border of your windows or interior arches. Line the edges of your ceiling or drape them corner to corner. To achieve the coziest atmosphere in your apartment, choose warm, white lights for a soft glow.

Use removable light clips to prevent damage to the walls, and once you have them in place, the foundation is there to switch out your lights to match any season. From black and orange lights for Halloween and multi-colored strands for the winter holidays to pink for Valentine’s Day and green for St Patrick’s Day, celebrate all year round!