Mug of hot chocolate on a book with leaves and a blanket in the background. Nov 7, 2019

3 Best Places to Get Hot Chocolate Near LoDo, Denver

Hot chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to a chilly, Colorado day. Whether you love the traditional flavors that take you right back to your childhood or appreciate the ingenuity of modern twists on a classic recipe, you’ll find the perfect hot chocolate in Denver that warms you up from the inside and out. Here are the 3 best places to get hot chocolate near LoDo, Denver:

1. The Market at Larimer Square

Located: 1445 Larimer Street

Going for a leisurely stroll around LoDo? Then stop by The Market at Larimer Square. A beloved local favorite, The Market was first established as a small grocery store in 1978 and was transformed into a deli in 1983 under new ownership. Serving scrumptious baked goods and mouthwatering coffee, it quickly became a crowd favorite. But the real star on the menu during the cold, chilly months? Their hot chocolate. Old-fashioned in recipe, creation, and taste, this is the perfect cup of comforting cocoa to wrap you in warmth as you stroll around the city. No frills, just chocolate.

2. The Inventing Room Dessert Shop

Located: 4433 W. 29th Avenue, Unit 101

Looking for something that’s a bit more eccentric? The Inventing Room Dessert Shop on West 29th Avenue is right up your alley. Inspired by the 1971 film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, The Inventing Room is where magical treats are brought to life. And just like Willy Wonky, they’re turning normality on its head. Who says hot chocolate has to be hot? The Inventing Room is serving it frozen. Chilled in liquid nitrogen, their frozen hot chocolate is a delightful combination of chocolate powder, chocolate syrup, ice cream, and milk that’s topped with exploding whipped cream. It’s a creative, contemporary take on a classic drink you love.

3. D Bar Denver

Located: 494 E 19th Ave

How about hot chocolate with an adult twist? D Bar located on East 19th Avenue features hot chocolate with a splash of liquor. Self-described as “fun dining at its finest,” the restaurant serves upscale versions of your favorite comfort foods – including dessert. Order a hot chocolate drink with rich, traditional flavors, or ask for a splash of Bailey’s to upgrade. For a boozy drink and dessert combo, try the S’more Please Dessertini, a seasonal dessert featuring vanilla vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, toasted marshmallows, and more. Satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying a night out on the town.

There are so many options at your fingertips that you’re sure to find the best hot chocolate of your dreams near LoDo, Denver! For those who love the simple beauty of hot cocoa or delight in the excitement of modern twists, there’s something for everyone and every taste bud.